Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Some Tagore Songs

"tobu mone rekho, jodi jol ase ankhipatejodi puratono prem dhaka pore jaay, nobo premo jaagetobu mone rekho"

Do remember me, even if that thought moist your eyes…even if old memories fade away to newer ones... do remember me…


"Ei kothati mone rekho, tomader ei hansi khelay .... ami je gaan geyechhilemjirno pata jhorar belaay..shukno ghase, shunnyo bone, aponmone onadore obohelaayei kothati mone rekho”

do remember that I sang for you when you were happy…If some day you wander among dry falling leaves, yellow grasses and barren forest… unaccompanied and neglected… do remember that I sang for you…