Monday, September 15, 2008

A Saturday and A Wednesday

Fanatic phone call from baba “Where are you?” I was surprised. “What happened?”

I was told that there has been a serial Bomb blast in Delhi. Five blasts in three places including Karol Bag, a place where I was about to go that evening but had changed the plan at the last moment. “Sinners (papi) like you would not die that easily” Sandeep da grinned after listening to this.
But what about those, who had been there??? They were less papi, I guess. Life of commoners has no value now a days. A blast or two, here and there, seven days of TV footage, politicians and intellectuals screaming at the top of their voice and go back to normalcy till the next blast is an acceptable cycle. I guess the terrorists enjoy the TV shows a lot. For them, it is like replaying the same old comedy movie. Blasts after a few weeks and the show begins again…

The time has come to put an end to the show NOW…

A movie named “A Wednesday” had hit the theaters a few days back, unnoticed mostly. It had dealt with this problem and one probable solution. Don’t spare even a single miscreant. VAPORIZE them. No need for trial and waste public money. To hell with Human rights for those who do not care for human life. A few of executions here and there would be enough to inject fear to these cowards. Cowards that’s what they are. Or else they would not have attacked helpless, name less, commoners who only wanted to had a peaceful Saturday.

Time has come… to put and end…
India has long be run by spineless creatures… people who scrap laws like TADA, who fight against Supreme Court order of banning SIMI, who equates Sarabjit and Afzal, who spends more time in changing suits rather than standing by the bereaved.

Time has come… to do “A Wednesday”…

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Indian Turnaround- Nuclear Deal Approved

Turnarounds are always admirable. It not only sets fire to the imaginations, but also set a benchmark for others to follow. The basic principle for turnaround is relentless efforts, believing in oneself and the ability to make it at the end. We have seen quite a few turnarounds in the recent past. As for example- Amitabh Bachchan’s return with KBC, Saurav Ganguly’s comeback at Lords and again at South Africa, Coming back of Indian Railways into black from red etc…

However, one turn around that is really amazing and much more mammoth is Indians emergence as a Super Power in reckoning from the brink of isolation. Just about 124 months back, with the Pokhran blast, India risked to be isolated from the rest of the world. But with the guts to challenge the world, almost seamless finance and foreign policies across two governments and unmatchable effort from the young resurgent talent pool, India announced arrival at world stage. With NSG announcing and accepting India as a responsible Nuclear state, we have done the unthinkable.

Credit goes to each and every Indian and the way they believed in their own capability. This newfound self confidence and high self esteem would see India surging past all other nations in next 124 months… We are at the mid way now. From Isolation to Acceptance. Next step is from Acceptance to Leading.
We are coming :)
Suicidal Bengali

Nirad C Chaudhuri had once commented “Suicidal Bengali” (Atmaghati Bangali).

As a youngster, I did not like that at all… I had thought that He was unjustifiably too harsh on the community. I had thought, he is one of those who does not care about the heritage, culture and the potential Bengalis had. I hated him. This was in 1988.

However, today, after 20 years, I have started believing his word more than ever. Only Bengalis can snatch disaster from the lap of prosperity and happiness. Consider the Singur fiasco that Mamata Banerjee and her mindless gang is doing as of now. Almost unthinkable is about to happen. After investing more than 15k Cr, TATAs are all set to pull out of the prestigious Nano project. This project was so important for the economy of the state. This could have turned the fortunes around of the state. Not only it would have generated HUGE employment opportunities, but also transformed the landscape in and around Singur.

But NO… Mamata almost single handedly has put a halt to the project. It is called snatching doom from almost a winning position. Only Bengalis can do this… yes… This is called Suicide… Atmahatya…