Friday, June 19, 2009

Mahi to Monster... Monster to Mahan cricketer???

Life has come to a full circle for Mahendra… I mean Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Indian cricket captain. Even since his dramatic debut to Indian team he has only seen things going from good to better. And like most of the mortal beings, success has made him wary of loosing it. He lost touch with his fearless mind. Flawless instinctive decisions gave way to overcautious mistakes. “Captain Cool Dude” became rude hot headed arrogant. Like the eternal story of Bengali crabs, Indian media tried to pull him down. And once, he was disarmed by the pathetic losses, knives came out. He had experimented with Yoginder sharma during last world cup. It paid off and he became Captain courageous. Suresh Raina did magic with balls during the death in IPL T20, Dhoni became master strategist. But the moment gambles started going the other way, his historical win at New Zeeland, just the other day were forgotten like a bad dream. Media pained a “monster” out of “Mahi”.
Now, would be the real test for him. It would be interesting to see how he comes out of this mess. He had opened too many front, had taken fight against too many… selectors, celebrities, team mates, media, ex cricketers… His personal form is down in dumps… his confidence is shaken. It is very easy to slide to obliteration, get caught into this web of failure or run towards resigning to fate. However, if he has the essence of true greatness, he would fight back. We have seen similar turn around from Saurav Ganguli in the past and I am quite sure Dhoni is also capable of one.

Few hours before India got out of world T20, during the national anthem- the camera had focused on Dhoni, there were a sense of pride in his posture and a drop of tear at the corner of his eye. That gave me a feeling- Dhoni is not going to take it lying low. He would again stand up from the ashes like a phoenix… We would be waiting for that moment Mahi…

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Saas bahu Aur Saazish…

And you thought it happens only in Saas Bahu serials…

Yes I am talking about the latest S***M*** drama. I had never heard of her before she was arrested. Initially I thought this as another page 3 masala. However since every press report hinted about “family conspiracy”, thought of doing a small internet search on what is this drama all about… and OMG… this is even more chatpata than any serial running on TV. Here goes the story….

A***a, heir of then famous M*** group was engaged with P***B***. Now- who is P***? She is the elder daughter of a very influential (and rich) Pali hill resident. All were going well till they came to know that P***’s sister is having an affair with A***a. Yes, this younger B***t girl is S***l. Her family quickly disowned her so did A***a’s family. A***a got married to some one else but only to get divorced after a while. Soon after that ; A***a got married. S***l was never welcome in the M***l family, she was too modern and used to eat non-veg . However, she managed to do things her way and A***a preferred to follow his wife than his other family members.

After senior M***l died, A***a got all his properties. However, his mother made a police complain stating that A***a and S***l are ill treating her and are trying to capture houses illegally. To make matter more complicated, A***s’s elder sister did a sex change and claimed that since she/ he is the eldest son, property should be assigned to her/ him. A***a however, won the battle in court. Meanwhile S***l became head of M***l L***y and tied up with V***e for their franchise in India. She also had became quite famous page 3 celebrity. Meanwhile M***l textile business sank and factories got shut. Workers claim that they have not yet got the compensation promised to them.

Next we hear about M***s when A***a complained to police about theft of family jewellery worth crores. However his mother informed that the jewellery was with her and she would hand them over to A***a and s***l. Well after all these, I didn’t feel remotely surprised to hear the speculation that M***l family members only tipped off Customs about the jewellery S***l was carrying.

Now what happed to P***m? While S***l was busy in trying out latest fashion, throwing parties and fighting domestic battle with in-laws, P***m got married to one Mr. S***f after a relationship of four years.

He incidentally had two children aged 9 & 11 at the time of marrying P***m. Yes the children were from his first marriage. The marriage which ended in a divorce before his tying knot with P***m…. Huff… confused!!!! and you thought such complications only happen in TV soaps????

(Source of all information in this article is internet news articles and blogs… author is not responsible if any of the information is not authentic)